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On the surface, we are a full-service tree care company, but at our core we are compassionate, devoted, and experienced customer service professionals. Our goal is to not only ensure your satisfaction with our work, but to forge a meaningful relationship with you and the community we serve. The High Desert is like no other place on earth and we work hard to ensure that it remains beautiful, safe, and healthy. That’s why at Central Oregon Tree Experts, we put your needs first. With a combined 40 years of experience, we possess the skills and team needed to mitigate any tree-related safety hazards and ensure the health and longevity of your tree. Your needs are our priority and we show you that through responsive communication, honesty, and reliability.

About - Central Oregon Tree Xperts
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Brett Miller

Owner – Lead Estimator
With over twenty years in tree care, Brett has held every job this industry offers. He takes pride in the business he has built, the team he has mentored, and the relationships he has established throughout Central Oregon.

Brett’s experience as a arborist in both Oregon and Hawaii has provided an extensive scope of knowledge and the ability to not only care for delicate ornamentals, but to ensure the health of mature trees and even facilitate their removal when necessary.


Clint Miller

Owner – Specialized Tree Care
From seasonal spraying to stump grinding, Clint has mastered the array of follow-up tree care and services offered by Central Oregon Tree Experts. His dedication to making sure customers are happy is a trademark he leaves at every job site. Clint’s willingness to lend a helping hand and power through until the job is done is a core value that resonates throughout the company culture.


General Foreman
Kyle has been with Central Oregon Tree Experts from the beginning! His enthusiasm for this work was quickly recognized and he has acquired all the skills needed to successfully thrive in this industry. His attention to detail and adherence to the company’s high-quality expectations at each job site guarantees that every property is given the care it deserves. Safety is a key priority, along with keeping his crews accountable and equipment organized for the variety of jobs each day.



Devon has the knowledge and skills to evaluate, estimate, and execute jobs of all sizes. A strong leader who always has a smile, Devon values what teamwork can accomplish in this line of work. He is most satisfied after seeing the success of a job that simply would have been impossible without everyone working together.



Ethan’s compassionate nature coupled with his enjoyment for the work he does is what makes him a great leader. His favorite jobs are the emergency scenarios that come unexpectedly when a weather event has created a hazard or risk. Helping people is really what this work is about and Ethan exemplifies that. He also enjoys traveling across Central Oregon and having diverse landscapes to enjoy every day.


It’s hard not to state the obvious, but Cedar was destined for climbing trees. His wildland fire experience has led him throughout the Pacific Northwest and his knowledge of species and ecosystems is impressive. Being responsible for your own safety equipment is an expectation shared by both the firefighting and tree care industries, which is important for someone who prefers their own climbing gear to a bucket lift when tackling a treetop. After hours Cedar can be found maintaining our extensive chainsaw fleet.


Operations and customer support
Keeping the specialized equipment maintained and fully operational is the key to our success. David has extensive arborist experience and knows how to anticipate and solve the unexpected speed bumps that come with this line of work. Whether the equipment itself or the job site, David ensures that each client receives the highest quality of services that our community has come to expect of Central Oregon Tree Experts.


Office Manager
Emily is always willing to answer questions and relay key information to our teams working throughout the region. She excels at customer relations and organization between clients and crew, and is always willing to advocate for client needs.